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Warriors 2013 Gary Numan 30 Years Fan Tribute


Warriors 2013 Gary Numan 30 Years Fan Tribute

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Full Lyrics


Various Artists 



01 - Warriors - Tim Eiler 
02 - I Am Render - Richard Church 
03 - Iceman Comes - Evil Alter Ego 
04 - This Prison Moon - The DMB & A.J.W Experiment 
05 - My Centurion - Bri Challis 
06 - Sister Surprise - Jon Heath feat images@random 
07 - The Tick Tock - Geared 
08 - Love Is Like Clock Law - Geoff Martin 
09 - The Rhythm Of The Evening - images@random 
10 - My Car Slides 1 - Stephen Waldron 
11 - My Car Slides 2013 - Numanme & V Church 
12 - Love Is Like Clock Law - Morbious 
13 - The Tick Tock Man (JazzyGB1 Remix) Geared v Geoff Martin 
14 - This Prison Moon - Synthsound1 


01 - Warriors - Paul K Hurst 
02 - I Am Render - Subway Switch 
03 - This Prison Moon full - Synthsound1 
04 - The Tick Tock Man - The A.J.W Experiment 
05 - Rhythm of the Evening FUSED - Mark Kendrick
06 - Warriors - Jon The Beloved 
07 - Love Is Like Clock Law - Geoff Martin (Geared Remix) 
08 - Warriors vs Track (ambient chillout version) - Matt Jessup 
09 - The Tick Tock Man - The Manitou featuring Jimmy Aaron 
10 - The Tick Tock Man - Carbonish 
11 - Warriors - Subway Switch 
12 - Prison Moon (Replicated) - images@random
13 - Sister Surprise (NumanMe Multi-21 Mix) - Jon Heath 
14 - Iceman Comes Demo - Evil Alter Ego
15 - Love Is Like Clock Law (stripped bare mix)1 - Geoff Martin (JazzyGB1) 

How old:

This CD is old!

Release Date:

November 8th 2013



Record Label:

Numanme Records

Catalogue No:

NUME5-1 & NUME5-2

Price Guide:

£00.00 Free distribution


United Kingdom 

Additional info:

Limited to 50 copies

Highest Chart Position:





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Cover Artwork

Additional Information

Following the success of the fans' tribute 'Dance' CD-R we decided to throw caution to the wind and do it again! This time with 'Warriors' we asked for musical contributions from fans and non fans. The album features a very diverse and accomplished collection of covers of Numan's classics album ' Warriors'.

'Warriors' originally released in 1983, Gary Numan was never one to shy away from change, this record continues Numan's ambient-funk experimentations & has aged surprisingly well. 

Gary Numan has influenced fans and creators of electronic music for decades. Many of these individuals are now members of the Numanme Forum, a site where they continue to forge friendships and display their talents. The fruits of these influences now come to the fore, Numanme presents ' Warriors 2013 Gary Numan 30 Years Fan Tribute' this collection from members of the Numan community is a warm tribute to the album and to the man himself.

Warriors 2013 was a 2 disc release, with printed CD and Printed cardboard wallets, all printing and copying was done by a professional company so printing and copying was to a high standard. Warriors 30 years fan tribute was limited to 50 copies and numbered by hand, all artists that contributed receive a free copy. The other copies were given away to fans and friends of Numanme for the price of P&P.

Many thanks to everyone for sending in their music, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the songs, so everybody's contributions has gone on the album, making it a double CD with a staggering 29 songs.