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Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry)  CD


Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) 

Suggested Video

Full Lyrics


Gary Numan with Dadadang


1. Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) (Radio Mix) 3:54 
2. Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) (Pandemonium Mix) 4:37 
3. Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) (Instrumental Mix) 5:25 
4. Machine And Soul (Live Version) 7:00

How old:

This CD is old!

Release Date:

April 27th 1994



Record Label:

The Record Label  

Catalogue No:


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United Kingdom 

Additional info:


Highest Chart Position:



Gary Numan Vocals
Engineer - Danton Supple 
Engineer [2nd Engineer] - Lee Phillips 
Producer - David Nicholson , Hugh Nicholson 
Written By - Hugh Nicholson 
Artwork By [Art Direction] - Ian MacCabe 


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Cover Artwork

Additional Information

Gary Numan and Hugh Nicholson first worked together on the single 'Radio Heart' which, when released, became a BBC Radio 1 Playlist Chartbuster remaining in the UK Top Thirty singles chart for six weeks. The unique vocals of Gary accompanied by the thunderous rythmns of the band Radio Heart caught the media by surprise with the single quickly becoming an airplay hit across Europe and the USA . The follow up singles 'London Times' and 'All Across The Nation' also entered the UK singles chart. 
In 1993 Hugh wrote 'Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry)' which was played to Gary in his dressing room prior to his concert performance at Birmingham Town Hall. On hearing the song and viewing a video of the masked percussionists Dadadang of Bergamo, Italy, Gary arranged to record his vocals the following day at Westside Studios in London. The engineer working with Hugh and brother David on this project was Danton Supple, currently Coldplays' producer.
'Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry)' was released in the UK and Europe to critical acclaim.. 

Like A Refugee Lyrics

Like A Refugee (I Won't Cry) 
(Single with Dadadang, 1994)

Treat it like a refugee
Never seems to be in place for me
In my mind there is a scene I see
My house is burning
No-one returning
To a land once free

Dreaming like a deportee
Cast away upon the open sea
No hand of friendship for the likes of me
I feel the thunder
I'm going under
And I can't get free

If there is a heaven
I don't wanna hang around this hell
Nanana, nanana...

If there is a heaven
I can be an angel till I fell
They'd throw me out of heaven back to hell
And I sleep

I won't cry
I won't cry

Bagpipe solo!!!

Carry me away from here
Cut the crying and the scene from tear?
Make emotions disappear
My life is changing
I'm rearranging
Everything I fear

I won't cry
No more tears
I won't cry
I won't cry

(Written by Hugh Nicholson) 

Machine & Soul 
(Single from 'Machine & Soul' album, 1992)

She likes film
Pictures too
A friend of mine
Something new

She like girls
Lives my dreams
Eats my face
She says 'Time to make me scream'

No crying
She don't like tears
My one chance 
Is corruption

She likes pain
'E' please, Bob
Some heroes
But she don't like God

She likes rock
Sex machines
She says 'Time to make me bleed'

No romance
No surprise
My one chance
Is perversion

So this is
My secret
And this is
A new way to hide

So this is
My nightmare
And you're my

No memories
My one chance
Is slow motion

So this is
The big lie
So this is
My reason to leave

So this is
My future
And you're my

She likes speed
Low fast cars
Love and hate
Rock and roll stars

She likes cream
Long goodbyes
Someone to watch
She says 'Time to make me cry'

I'm nervous
She scares me
My one chance
Is emotion

So this is
So this is
Something to believe

So this is
God's disease
So this is
A new kind of cure

So this is
A new world
And you're my
Machine and soul