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Just Rock 12"


Just Rock

Suggested Video

Full Lyrics


The Fearless Four


A1. Just Rock 6:52
B2. Just Rock (Instrumental) 6:50 
B3. Got To Turn Out 6:32 

How old:

This 12" is old!

Release Date:

September 16th 1983



Record Label:


Catalogue No:

No: 0-67924

Price Guide:



United Kingdom 

Additional info:

Deleted All Music Performed By Pumpkin based on Gary Numan "Cars" 

Highest Chart Position:



Producer - Fearless Four, The , W.K. Pearson 
All Music Performed By Pumpkin based on Gary Numan "Cars" 


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Cover Artwork

Additional Information

All Music Performed By Pumpkin based on Gary Numan "Cars" It is widely known that electronic artists like Kraftwerk had a big impact on the whole electrofunk and breakdance scene, this songs by Fearless Four "Just Rock" is completely made around Gary Numan's most famous hit "Cars".

Just Rock Lyrics

Mommy, they're here again

We've come up with something new
That all the others can't mock
With funky music and a fresh rap and
We call it just rock, so just rock

And before we start it all, let's give our crew roll call
And since we've no time to stall we might as well start
With DLB, Tito, Mike C, Peso
With O.C. and Crazy Eddie
Our deejays for the show, so just rock
To the funky beat and smurf it up tough
Before you sink don't you quit until you all had enough
So just rock with the Fearless Four, the message we bring
Is as simple as the title of the song that we sing, so just rock

It's time to party y'all
So come on let's have a ball
'Cause we want to rock you all
Best keep it short
So just rock

We'll break off one at a time
For an individual rhyme
To show what we have and stuff
So let's all just rock

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The Fearless Four
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DLB, that is me the microphone wizard y'all
Just say if I can pass through one emcee
I'll pass through them all
'Cause I defeat when I compete
Something else is quite contrary
I'm the best just confess nothing else is necessary

Tito, by now you know my talents only elevate
There's no bad there's only good in the rhymes that I create
Since you're stable I'll be able just to make a little rhyme
Hold on tight I'll rock it right, give me a little time

Mike C, speaking of me the ladies say I'm doing fine
Well above in making love, let me lay that on the line
There's no cut no matter what that can take me off a rhyme
I'm so on I'll sing a song that sends a chill up your spine, haha

Peso, the romeo when I'm with these young ladies
I'm as snug as a bug and I'm ready for the 80's
This creation complication I'm about to invent
Is like a letter or better with a sweet cherry scent

Emcees that are we with a rhyming specialty
Whether he's with the keys, set your whole life free
There's one man with the plan, we can turn this party out
So just in case you lost your place let us all spell it out
Party people in the place, about time that you confess
That we shock and we rock and you know it's a fact
Satisfaction guaranteed or you can get your money back
So never fear when we're here it's a brand new year
And for a point if we're the joint do the Fearless Four cheer
Ho! Let's go!

At every show we have a musical source
That always tells us what to do just for your pleasure of course
They say just rock
O.C. always has the gift for people
Love to show life
He also makes sure that our wardrobe is as sharp as a knife
Well Crazy Eddie always know the beat that won't let them stop
But of course or how else could we get them to rock
So just rock, so just rock

Do everything I do and we'll have some fun
So listen close to these directions or you'll miss every one
And you won't rock
When we command say "Ho"
You say it, just break free
You may, it is all a game so play it
Come on let's try
Say ho, say ho, ho
Scream, say Fearless Four
Say Fearless Four
F-E-A-R-L-E-double-S, F-O-U-R
F-E-A-R-L-E-double-S, F-O-U-R
(Fearless Four!)
F-E-A-R-L-E-double-S, F-O-U-R
(Fearless Four!)
F-E-A-R-L-E-double-S, F-O-U-R