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A Question Of Faith  CD


A Question Of Faith 

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Full Lyrics


Gary Numan


1. A Question Of Faith (Agnostic Edit) 3:45 
2. Play Like God 6:55 
3. Whisper Of Truth 4:21 
4. A Question Of Faith (Devout Edit) 8:43 

How old:

This CD is old!

Release Date:

October 27th 1994



Record Label:


Catalogue No:


Price Guide:



United Kingdom 

Additional info:


Highest Chart Position:



Gary Numan (All Instruments, Vocals)
Kipper (Extra Guitar & Solo on 'Scar', Synth Bass on 'Love And Napalm')
T.J. Davies (Backing Vocals on 'Scar')

All tracks written, performed, engineered and mixed by Gary Numan

Recorded at Outland Studio, England
Assistant engineer: Gemma O'Neill
Sleeve design: NuFederation
Photography: Charlie Best 


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Cover Artwork

Additional Information

A Question Of Faith was the only single taken from the Sacrifice album. It was released by Numa Records in 1994. 'Sacrifice' is without a doubt one of the best and most important albums of Gary Numan's career. After his episode of writer's block resulted in the debacle that was 'Machine & Soul', Numan returned after an enforced hiatus with the Gemma-inspired 'Sacrifice'. An almost total solo effort, 'Sacrifice' saw Numan return to the dark, cold, anthemic synth-driven songs that most of his fans had always wanted him to get back to. A Question Of Faith failed to hit the UK chart.. 

A Question Of Faith Lyrics

A Question Of Faith 
(1994 single from "Sacrifice" album) 

I'll crawl for you
Hurt if you want to
I'll be the thing that you feed

I'm not asking
For love or redemtion
I'll sell my guilt to your need

I'll breathe for you
Die if you want to
I'll mourn with you by my grave

I dare you to judge me
Now God has disowned me
I've come to you to be saved

They say I
Sold my soul
And we all reap
What we sow

I'll shine for you
Burn if you want to
You'll be the prize for my pain

I'll kill your God
And pray for salvation
I'll be the in to your sane

I'll lie for you
Be your conscience in you
Sacrifice reason for shame

I won't ask for
Faith or forgiveness
I'll be the blood in your veins

They say I
lost my way
I'll wait for
Judgement day

Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul

I'll be your darkness
In the night
I'll be a vampire calling
In the dead of night

I'll be your demon
I'll be your one confession

And if I can
I'll be your nightmare
And scream for you
I'll be your one possession
If you want me to

I'll be your secret
I'll be your exhibition of atrocity

They say I
Sold my soul
And we all reap
What we sow

They say I
Lost my way
I'll wait for
Judgement day

Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul
Don't pray for my soul

They kneel down, praise God
Shout 'Hallelujah'
Lift up their eyes while they pray

When children kill children
Don't it make them wonder?
Don't it make them question their faith? 

Play Like God 
(B-side, 'A Question Of Faith' single, 1994)

I was young
I was cold but not insane
I had one good friend
It was a voice without a name
And so here we are
Same need and same mistake
But it could be yours
You see it could be even be yours

I said I've done things
That left me hurt and ashamed
She said all I need
Is a place to hide the pain
She said don't trust dreams
Because dreams will break your heart
I said little girls play in the house of shame
Some of us play like God

Play like God
Save my soul
Play like God
I know that God don't live here in my heart

She said touch my soul
I've never touched someone so cold
She said touch my heart
I've never touched something so old
She said play like God
And then you can play with me
I moved underground
And caught the isolation blues
Sound familiar?

She said kiss my face
I've seen things you'll never see
She said kiss my arse
I've been everything I need
She said memories
Are only there to make you bleed
I said little girls play in big boys games
Some of us play but cry

Play like God
Save my soul
Play like God
I know that God don't live here in my world

Where do we belong?
She said I've been sick
But then no-one's clean for long
She said pray for me
Like God, I've fucked the world
I said little girls play with the big disease
Some of us play with you 

Whisper Of Truth

So I fall
Like the rain
Sometimes I almost cry again

I’ve seen my pictures
Peeling from walls
It’s like a witness of truth
To the end of it all

Here we are
No one came
I’ve been waiting for this for years
Do you wonder ?
How I’m feeling
Did you whisper the truth?
Like a memory of pain

No angel to guide me
No angel can find me

Walk away 
Walk away from me
I won’t cry
I won’t cry

Take my life
Take my life from me
I won’t cry
I won’t cry

Like a whisper of truth save me
Like a whisper of truth save me
Like a whisper of truth save me
Like a whisper of truth save me
Save me
Save me