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Music Submission

music submission

The most important thing for us is that you’ve tagged your songs properly (metadata included), if not tagged properly we will not waste time on them. As we are too busy to try and work out artist / album. Those files will be deleted straight away.

Instructions are amazingly easy to follow:

How To Submit:

Make sure all mp3 tracks are properly named including your artist name and the song title, as necessary.

This will help us to identify the song and artist, this will also help you.

Remember we only except MP3s

We play 80s – Electronic – Industrial – Pop – Punk – Darkwave – DarkElectro – Ambient – Glitch – Nu-Disco/Indie Dance – Synthpop – Synthwave – and more.

Any music composed of Synth and electronic music.

We do not play R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal, Trash Rock, Teen Pop etc.

By Submitting a song, you agree to let Numanme Radio play the song at any time and agree to the terms of laut.fm.

Please submit links to your web site and Twitter/Facebook pages. So, we can show you some support.

Please include biographical information, suggested album tracks and any other relevant information.

A small image to accompany the track, ideally a correctly named 300 x 231 pixels jpg file. The Image is required due to the fact our players display your artwork/cover.

We will contact you when we receive the song and let you know if the song meets the requirements of Numanme radio. and once again when we decide to play it for the first time i.e., show, and time.

All the best with your submission, and looking forward to hearing your song.

All fields with an asterisk (*) are required...


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