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Numanme Radio

Numanme Radio is the best place for new wave, alternative, and synth pop music from the 1980's and more.

Numanme Radio plays a mixed bag of songs for your listening pleasure; We have your favourite’s here and some forgotten gems. Great music for great people.

Broadcasting from Numanme HQ playing music from the 1980's and more, music you remember! Numanme Radio is the best source of music from the best decades in history. Our music rotation is carefully created, and updated often, so you get a great mix of music that you won’t find anywhere else. Have a listen, enjoy, and tell a friend!

The music we play comes in different genres, if it has a synth sound or comes under the banner new wave we play it, this includes new and old songs.

80s, Electronic, Industrial, Pop, Punk, Darkwave, Dark Electro, Ambient, Glitch.

And lots of Gary Numan and Tubeway Army, also collaborations with Gary Numan.

You will be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

Chat Room

Hang out with the Numanme DJs and other listeners. Numanme Radio chat is a grate place to meet like-minded people like yourself, talk about your favourite band, singer or anything else you can even request a song when the station is live.

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There are many ways to tune into Numanme Radio

Numanme Radio can only be received in digital audio quality via our audio servers. In order to make the reception of our program as easy as possible, we give you different ways to listen to Numanme Radio Information on the different reception options, Internet, Amazon Alexa or with smartphones, you can find here..


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