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Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the Numanme Games FAQ. If you have any difficulty finding the information you need, please contact us and we'll try to help. Click on the question to reveal the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

When did Numanme Games start?

Numanme is old, first established on June-1-1999 as part of Numanme but become Numanme Games on the 2/4/2022.

Who do I contact if I have a technical issue?

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please reach out to our tech team. Click here.

You did not answer my email, why?

We would like to be able to respond to each email that comes in, even if to just say 'thanks' but sometimes there isn't the time to reply to all emails but we do try. If you write and do not receive a reply, please do not take it personally.

Is Numanme Games affiliated Gary Numan?

No, this site is not run by or affiliated with Gary Numan in anyway. It is a simply fan based site.

How do I suggest a game be added to one of your websites?

We’re happy to hear you’ve found a game that you think would be awesome to add to our websites. We may not be able to do so due to various license agreements or other logistics, but we’ll definitely check it out. Please send your suggestion to our support team here.

Why was one of my favorite games removed from your websites?

We’re sorry that a game you’ve been enjoying is no longer available. In January of 2021, Flash was discontinued. This software was once used to power many of our online games. Unfortunately, because it's no longer available, many games are no longer working or had to be removed from our websites entirely. This is likely the reason why your favorite game was removed, but it may have also been due to various legal issues or contractual complications. If you would like further information, please reach out to our support team here.

What is Numanme Games?

Numanme Games is part of Numanme the Gary Numan Fan Site

What happened to Flash games?

Due to the gradual phasing out of Flash by browsers including Firefox and Chrome in January of 2021, online Flash games stopped working..

Are all games on Numanme Games HTML5?


Who designed this site?

Numanme Games designed this site.

Who hosts this site?

The site is hosted by Fasthosts Internet.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a type of programming language that is used to power various types of content online, video games included. It was initially released in October of 2014.

Are all Games on Numanme Games free to Play?


I have a Game or would like to buy a game for this site, can i do so ?

Yes you can

The Random button shows the same game over and over?

It should not do this but if you find this happening just refresh the page.

What is the best browser to view your website in?

This website will function better using any of the following web browsers. To see the benefits of full page viewing press F11 on your keyboard. F11 to return to normal.

Edge Firefox Chrome Opera

Site uptime and down time?

The availability and response time of our website is monitored by siteuptime.com. We try to ensure that our website is always available. However, there may be times when maintenance is required or we have technical problems. If we know in advance that there are periods when our service is likely to be interrupted then we will try to publish details of this. We have set our Internet service standard at 98% availability. If the long term availability (excluding periods when there is planned maintenance) drops below 98% we will take this as an indication that there is a problem with our Internet service which needs to be fixed.

What do I do if my question is not here?

Feel free to email us. Email