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Bill Sharpe & Gary Numan RETROPOPIC RADIO

Bill Sharpe & Gary Numan RETROPOPIC RADIO

With three songs from that Bill Sharpe & Gary Numan collaboration, Shakatak's Bill Sharpe talks with The Saint of RETROPOPIC RADIO about those days when he collaborated with Gary Numan.

How was Gary Numan brought in to provide lead vocals on 'Change Your Mind', a track on Bill Sharpe's first solo album 'Famous People'? What was Bill's reaction to Gary's vocal? How does Bill remember the Sharpe & Numan performance of the single on Top Of The Pops? To what extent did Gary Numan & Bill Sharpe have things in common musically? With most of the songs on the Sharpe & Numan album 'Automatic' co writes between Gary & Bill what was their song-writing process? How enjoyable was the recording of Automatic for Bill and Gary? To what extent did Bill & Gary get along with each other?

Written by: numanme