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2002 Nov Warriors
Title: Warriors
Artist: Gary Numan

01. Warriors 5:50 
02. I Am Render 4:56 
03. The Iceman Comes 4:25 
04. This Prison Moon 3:18 
05. My Centurion 5:22 
06. Sister Surprise 8:29 
07. The Tick Tock Man 4:22 
08. Love Is Like Clock Law 4:00 
09. The Rhythm Of The Evening 5:54
10. Poetry And Power 4:25 
11. My Car Slides (1) 3:01 
12. My Car Slides (2) 4:42 
13. Nameless And Forgotten 5:02 
14. Sister Surprise (Single Version) 4:52 
15. Warriors (Full Length Version) 7:30 

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2002 Nov 
Format: CD 
Record Label: Beggars Banquet
Catalogue No: BBL 47 CD 
Price Guide: 10.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 12
Full Artist List:

Gary Numan (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion)
John Webb (Keyboards, Percussion)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums, Percussion)
Chris Payne (Viola, Keyboard)
RRussell Bell (Guitar)
Joe Hubbard (Bass)
Dick Morrissey (Saxophone)
Tracey Ackerman (Vocals)
Bill Nelson (Guitar, Keyboards)
Terry Martin (Keyboards on 'The Tick Tock Man')

Produced by Gary Numan and Bill Nelson
Engineered by Pete Bhulmann, assistant John Webb, Nick Smith assistant Mark Brown)
Mixed By Pete Bhulmann and Gary Numan
Recorded at Rock City Studios Shepperton, Middlesex
Mastered by Ray Staff, Trident



First, I think the new cover looks sharp. For those fans who cannot handle change, don't worry. On the back side of the CD booklet is the original cover. All one has to do is turn it around. The booklet has a 5-page article, lyrics to all the tracks (save for "Nameless and Forgotten") including the B-sides, and photos of the 12" singles. The inside back of the case has photo disc for the "Warriors" single with the fighter jet. Like the other Beggars Banquet reissues, it has a photo of Numan on the spine of the case that looks so cool when stored away.
Musically, Warriors shows the direction Numan's music was to take on his Numa label. It was his most dance-oriented album to date with the female backing vocals and plenty of saxophone. I admit it is one of my least favorite Numan albums, although several songs are very pleasant ("The Iceman Comes", "Love Is Like Clock Law") and the title track is one of my favorite Numan tunes. Two versions of "Warriors" is offered on this release. As for the bonus tracks, they are not as good as the ones on Telekon, Dance, I Assassin, Berserker, etc. "My Car Slides Part 1" is a very nice slow number, though. For a killer version of "Poetry and Power", check out Gravity Kill's cover on the Gary Numan tribute CD Random. "Nameless and Forgotten" was an abandoned track which, lyrically, has elements that will find themselves on "Sister Surprise" and (the last part) on "This Is New Love" off Berserker. It is 5 minutes long and has an excellent bass beat with a lot of saxophone. To me, it is far better than just a filler track. If you already have Warriors but not this remastered issue, I recommend getting this one as it looks and sounds the best!

Reviewer: Amazon.co.uk (Customer Review) 

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