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1985 Mar Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 2
Title: Numan/Tubeway Army 1978/1979 Vol 2
Artist: Gary Numan

1. Fadeout 1930 3:10 
2. The Crazies 2:56 
3. Only A Downstat 3:38 
4. We Have A Technical 8:03 

How old: This Single is old!
Release Date: 1985 Mar 
Format: 12"  (Red vinyl)
Record Label: Beggars Banquet
Catalogue No:  BEG 123E 
Price Guide: 9.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: ---



This release sees all of the early Tubeway Army tracks put together on one 12" 


Fadeout 1930 
(Recorded 1978, released 1985 on '1978 / 1979 vol. 2' EP)

Fadeout 1930 era
I never really tried you out
Like all my friends that used to be
Just never had the time for me

You can change your colours
I'll just change my point of view
I'll live a lie to prove my point
Or I'll turn all my thoughts to you

Fadeout 1930

Keep a low profile
Strange how it gets around
Out of sight, out of mind
I look through me I'm out of mine
Everything I say, I've heard
And nothing's mine except my wall
Do you begin to see
There really is no me at all

Fadeout 1930

Please don't feel scared
Nothing's ever quite what it seems
I hope the sadness doesn't show
For I still cling to some old dreams

Private thoughts just to you
My head liked private ways
I never tried so hard before
I've really nothing left to say 

The Crazies 
(Recorded Dec 1978 during the 'Replicas' sessions
Released in 1985 on the 1978 / 1979 Volume 2 EP)

Here in my room
Where the paint dries like your face
I'm still confusing love with need
Tonight at ten
I'll cry for a while
They'll get me for sure
It's just a question of time

We're the crazies

Some things I do
I feel so ashamed
But I have run out
Of points of view
The man is a thinker
Who thought that he died
Just sits in the corner
Looking somewhat surprised

We're the crazies

I only exterminate
In my spare time
I fight the machine
For the passers by
I know I'm wrong
But what makes me right
The simple solution
Is to end it all

We're the crazies 

Only A Downstat 
(Recorded Dec. 1978 at 'Replicas' sessions,
Released 1985 on '1978 / 1979 volume Two' EP)

Only a downstat
Personality problem
He would say things like 'I love you'
And cry real tears

Met him in some place
Like a home for old lovers
Where the cure is always death
And no-one ever leaves

He wore a number 7 badge on his collar
He would show it wth pride and say
'It means I can feel'
He'd bribe the warders
To send letters to someone
Who didn't even know his name
But said he'd read them anyway

And in the evening
He'd write poetry for people
Who deny he's alive
And say 'I'll mention that name'

A violator of the law of no feelings
They should be put in the chair
Until their eyes come in

If you have reasons
I might sell you my time
I'll leave it under the stairs
In a body of mine

Old memories are slowly fading out of me
We are the unknown and we are all you need 

We Have A Technical 
('Replicas' sessions, recorded 1979, released 1984 on '1978 / 1979' Volume 2' EP)

We have a random on the westside
Personality malfunction
He said 'I can't give you anything at all
Just a room with the perfume of you'
He sent a letter to a downstat
Saying 'Sorry that I missed you
But I can't think of anything to do'
He's addicted to the time track

We have a technical
We have a technical

He's in a hotel where they all go
Saying 'Me, I've lost my memory'
It's so surprising just how quickly things can end
Like a hero on a platform of friends
This table is so crowded
With people that I don't know
And I never really turn my thoughts on you
So the image breaks down again

We have a technical
We have a technical

I suppose it's very shady
At least until the lights go out
Advertising posters on the wall
And the young ones singing softly
Do they ever come back
Or is it always at the wrong time
I could crawl around the floor just like I'm real
And move a hand in front of my eyes

We have a technical
We have a technical 

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