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2002 May The Photo CD-2
Title: Dark Wonders 
Artist: Gary Numan
Tracklisting:  This photo CD is taken from the 2001 North American Tour
How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2002 May 
Format: CD 
Record Label: Machine Music Ltd 
Catalogue No: PHOTO-CD 2 
Price Guide: 15.00
Country:  UK
Additional info: Deleted 
Highest Chart Position: ---
Full Artist List: --- 



This CD-ROM contains the entire text of Gary Numan's tour diary from the 2001 North American Tour, over 13,000 words. This tour diary has already been published in the Gary Numan magazine Alien and so is included here as a reference only to the other features on the CD. You will find a large selection of mp3 audio clips where Gary answers the many questions sent in by fans regarding this tour. Video clips are included, in Quick Time .mov format, some taken from stage performances, some from Gary's own video diary, filmed as the tour progressed. It also contains some behind the scenes footage plus a mass of personal photos taken by the band and crew throughout the 22 days of the tour. These photos are mainly of off-stage events rather than on-stage. Finally, audio clips of stripped down musical passages from some of the songs played on this tour, or early demo's from the Pure album, have been added as background music to some of the behind the scenes video clips. 

Please note that the video clips on this CD are taken from the band and-or crews own personal camcorders and are not professionally filmed. They are included simply to give you a very brief look at life on this tour. The video clips of the stage performances are along similar lines. This footage was taken whenever possible so that the band and crew could look and listen to their performances and make changes if they were appropriate. Again, they are most definitely not professionally filmed. However, for all their grainy, dark and sometimes annoying lack of clarity they do at times capture the essence of what was going on throughout the tour, if not the sharp detail. 

Each day of the tour is given a page of it's own and any text, photos, audio or video relating to that day will be included on the page. 
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