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To all Gary Numan fans the Numanme Forum is the forum for you a place for you to be completely Numanized. You can apply for free membership NOW!
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The Numanme Moderator is.
Numanme - Administrator Numanme.

Role of the Forum Moderators

Forum moderators volunteer their time and energy to make this forum a success. In most cases they have made a commitment to check this forum at least once a day. The moderators are the people who make sure that users are following the Forum Rules. They are here to help members and to protect members and the forum itself, from those few, who do not want to abide to the rules. Their job is not an easy one, so please treat them with respect.

What are Forum Moderators

Forum moderators are responsible for maintaining a healthy climate for discussion so that memberís comments will be heard by the widest possible audience. The rules below are established in order to make their life and memberís life easier. Moderators monitor all posts very closely and only posts that are in accordance with the Forum rules will be allowed. New posts are released to the forum after they have been reviewed by a moderator. They have the power to permit Pending Approval posts, edit, delete, move, close, unclose, topics and posts, in the forum they moderate. Moderators generally are there to prevent people from posting offensive or abusive material.

What do I ask from the Moderators?

1. The moderator's role is to enforce the Forum Rules among the Forum members. 

2. The moderator acts as a role model for the rest of the members. The moderator's behaviour has to set an example to how other members should behave in the forum. 

3. Moderators should look and read every Pending Approval post before approving it, and delete if it violates the Numanme rules. But remember some of us like a little banter so donít be too harsh. ( Pending Approval is not active at this moment in time )

4. The moderator does not have friends and enemies, all members should be treated the same by every moderator. A moderator should not allow his personal feelings to influence his judgment about the content of this forum, or the behaviour of the members. These are defined by the forum rules and the moderator's personal feelings have nothing to do with them. 

5. Moderators have the right to edit or delete memberís posts, if they think that these are not according to the Forum Rules. 

6. A moderator has the right to move a thread to another forum if they think that this would be a more appropriate area for that thread. 

7. A moderator has the right to ban a user from the forum or delete them. This will be done only after consultation with the other moderators and the forum's administrator. 

8. Every member who has a complaint about a moderator should directly discuss the problem with the moderator concerned. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, the member can notify the forum's administrator ( Numanme ).

9. If a moderator faces a severe problem with a member, and he or she is not sure how to handle it, it is best to seek the advice of other moderators by visiting the moderatorís area of the forum this is not visible to other members.

10. This is the most important one if a moderator deletes a post do not expect any type of explanation, why I can hear you ask, the moderators on this forum are volunteers and donít have the time to reply to every post, also in my ( Numanme ) experience it only prolongs the argument, Coursing more damage to the forum. 

11. What if Moderators abuse the rules? The forum rules still apply to the Moderators.

12. Remember Moderators you can also contact your fellow Moderators for help and advice in the Moderators area on the forum. 





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