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2011 May Petals
Title: Petals
Artist: Officers FEAT. Gary Numan

Disc 1 green

Officers FEAT. Gary Numan - Petals
Lyrics written by Matthew Southall
Music written by Matthew Southall & Jamie Baker
Vocals on Petals by Gary Numan
Gary Numan appears courtesy of Mortal Records
Produced & mixed by Matthew Southall
Recorded by OFFICERS at the Mosquito Dorm

Disc 2 blue

Officers FEAT. Gary Numan - Petals
(The Jagz Kooner Remix)
Additional production, remix & instrumentation by Jagz Kooner & Yigit Bulbul 
Recorded and mixed at Echoplex Satellite 

Disc 3 yellow

Officers FEAT. Gary Numan - Petals
(Losers Rose Remix) 
Reconstruction, additional production 
& instrumentation by Tom Bellamy and Eddy Temple-Morris at Laboratoire Losers (because you're worth it) Losers enquires worldwide: bernegger.marc@bluewin.ch Mastered by Pete Maher for 140db www.140db.co.uk
Art, Design & Direction by Stuart Semple
Concept: Jamie Baker & Eddy Temple Morris

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2011 may 
Format: CD
Record Label: OWOD Recordings
Catalogue No: ----
Price Guide: £0.0
Country:  UK
Additional info: charity CDs given away on a first come first served basis,
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: ---- 
Buy: ----



Officers collaborated with electro pioneer and godfather Gary Numan.‘Petals’ the Numan & Officers track was given away on a first come first served basis, exclusively during Numan’s 2012 Machine Music Tour. The track was available as a limited edition (100 copies only) physical collaboration package, handmade, and designed by acclaimed British artist Stuart Semple.

The edition wascomprise a black foil envelope, revealing 3 individual CDs each with a unique version of the track, and a mini art print specifically designed, numbered and signed by Stuart for this unique collaboration.
Along with the Numan & Officers track, the additional CDs will include a unique rework from uber producer, re-mixer and superstar DJ JAGZ KOONER and another special remix by LOSERS - headed up by XFMs legendary Eddy Temple Morris, Paul Mullen from YourCodeNameIs:Milo and The Cooper Temple Clause’s Tom Bellamy.

Alongside Numan and Semple, Jagz and Eddy have both been long term supporters of the band. OFFICERS are excited and honored to play host to this unique five way collaboration stretching across art and music. More significantly though, is the fact that all proceeds of the digital sales (music + artwork available) will be going to charity, CALM, Campaign Against Living Miserably, to reduce the high suicide rate amongst men under 35, http://www.thecalmzone.net/

A QR code directing you to CALMs donation page will come with the package. We hope you will follow the link, donate whatever you can afford - or share with your friends to raise awareness of this important charity – think of it a bit like a futuristic honesty box. Or go to, http://www.justgiving.com/calm


PETALS (no glow)

I see bodies in the mirror 
I see baddies in the square 
I'm quite partial when it's suits me 
I'm a sceptic nom de guerre
What's this problem that you speak of?
Is it more than meat and bone?
I'd like to crown you with my ardor but my heart has been dethroned. 

.. And we all sing

No glow 

.. Idiocy. 

No hope

I see petals in the mirror
I see pity in my prayer 
I'm the hero when it suits me
I'm the landlocked mal de mer
I'm the vestal vitriolic 
And my rose has overgrown.
I'd like to haunt you with my caustic
But my ghost and soul's on loan

... And we all sing 
No glow
... Idiocy 
No hope 

I'm a fiend and a feeling
and I'm likely to offend
I'm a doom soaked anabolic
I'm the fog yet to descend 

I'm the fog yet to descend

But I'll love you to the end. 

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