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2012 December Dead Moon Falling
Title: Dead Moon Falling
Artist: Gary Numan 

01. Big Noise Transmission (Tim Burgess Remix) 3:57
02. Dead Sun Rising (Sonoio Remix) 4:01 
03. We Are The Lost (Gazelle Twin Remix) 5:08
04. When The Sky Bleeds, He Will Come (TweakerRay Remix) 4:34
05. Not The Love We Dream Of (Toby Butler/The Duke Spirit Remix) 5:07 
06. The Fall (Officers Remix) 5:03
07. For The Rest Of My Life (Alec Empire Remix) 5:19
08. For The Rest Of My Life (Reprise) (Is Tropical Remix) 5:41
09. Dead Sun Rising (Grayed Out Mix) 6:31
10. For You (Featuring Andy Gray) 4:18
11. Petals (Featuring Officers) 4:14

How old: This CD is old!
Release Date: 2012 December
Format: CD
Record Label: Mortal Records
Catalogue No: MORTALCD12
Price Guide: 」9.99
Country:  UK
Additional info: A limited edition CD
Highest Chart Position: 0
Full Artist List: ---- 
Buy:free Townsend Records



This album features remixes of eight tracks taken from the 2011 album, 'Dead Son Rising'. There are also three bonus tracks exclusive to this limited edition CD: A new track called 'For You' written and with Andy 

Gray, plus the Grayed Out Mix of 'Dead Sun Rising' and Numan's recent collaboration with Officers, 'Petals'. 


See Dead Son Rising for all other lyrics click here


I知 falling 
I知 falling for you
I知 falling 
I知 falling 

If you walk in the dark
I would shine for you
If you drift on the wind
I would look for you
I would look for you
I would look for you

If you hurt everything
I would bleed for you 
If you reach out for me 
I値l be there 

You are why I知 still breathing 
You are why I知 still breathing 
For you 
I知 falling 
I知 falling for you
I知 falling 
Falling for you
I知 falling for you
For you

If you pushed me away
I would wait for you
If you loved someone else
I would wait for you
And if god calls your name 
I would die for you
If you reach out for me
i'll be there 

You are why I知 still breathing 
You are why I知 still breathing 
For you 


I see bodies in the mirror 
I see baddies in the square 
I'm quite partial when it's suits me 
I'm a sceptic nom de guerre
What's this problem that you speak of?
Is it more than meat and bone?
I'd like to crown you with my ardor but my heart has been dethroned. 

.. And we all sing

No glow 

.. Idiocy. 

No hope

I see petals in the mirror
I see pity in my prayer 
I'm the hero when it suits me
I'm the landlocked mal de mer
I'm the vestal vitriolic 
And my rose has overgrown.
I'd like to haunt you with my caustic
But my ghost and soul's on loan

... And we all sing 
No glow
... Idiocy 
No hope 

I'm a fiend and a feeling
and I'm likely to offend
I'm a doom soaked anabolic
I'm the fog yet to descend 

I'm the fog yet to descend

But I'll love you to the end.

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