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The first Carbon Copy was released as a CD-R download on 28 August 2008 the aim was to release future Carbon Copy download CD-Rs as and when we receive an adequate amount of material worthy to the Carbon Copy series. 

Carbon Copy was a series of download CD-Rs containing Gary Numan covers; Gary Numan has influenced fans and creators of electronic music for over three decades. Many of these individuals are now members of the Numanme Forum, where they continue to forge friendships and display their talents. The fruits of these influences now come to the fore, Numanme presents a diverse and accomplished collection of covers and versions of Numan classics from these members, as a warm tribute to the man himself.

Numanme.co.uk would like to thank the artists that have contributed a cover and making the Carbon Copy series possible. All CDs are for free distribution and not to be sold.

Carbon Copy 28 August 2008

Alien Cure - K_V_5
Noise Noise - Glasshouse
The Aircrash Bureau - clone5
Oceans - Aron Guest
Down In The Park - Numania
I Die You Die - Forno Microondas
Everyday I Die (Remastered) - The Manitou
Telekon - I Replicant
My Love Is A Liquid - Global Citizen
Replicas - Scorbie
Dominion Day - LV426 vs The Manitou
A Prayer For The Unborn - Numanme
When The Machines Rock - Rik Ppotter
I Die You Die - Zebster
Please Push No More - Gary Hunter

All songs written by Gary Numan

Carbon Copy 2 Sep 2008 

When The Machines Rock - Nick Wilkinson
Metal - Global Citizen 
Films - Glasshouse
The Machman - Rik Potter
We Are So Fragile - Glasshouse
Voices - K_V_5
I Nearly Married A Human _ GaryHunter
A Prayer For The Unborn - Numanme
Replicas Friend called 5 Mix - DarkVoyage
Trois gymnopedies - Numanme
Metal (stylophonic version) - The Manitou
Pure (And Simple Mix) - LV426
You Are You Are - Rik Potter
Films - Mrs Mopp
ME - Mark

All songs written by Gary Numan

Carbon Copy 3 Feb 2009

Disc 1

01 - Aggressor - The DMB Experiment 
02 - Machine (i'm in love with you) - The Last Wave 
03 - Heart of a machine - Ireplicant
04 - Darkfield - LV426 
05 - Quite Peculiar - Rick Prescott
06 - Shadow Creature - The Manitou
07 - We Are Electro - Electro 80’s 
08 - Smear - Scorbie 
09 - Holocaust - theNAMES
10 - 1945 - Numanme

Disc 2

01 - Master Stroke - Global Citizen
02 - Date Rape Lovers (ebm remix) - The Thought Criminals
03 - Replicant - Ireplicant 
04 - Diplaced - The DMB Experiment 
05 - The Oedipus Complex - John Kennedy
06 - Secrets In Coma - liquidscreamer 
07 - Pathfinder - Flight 
08 - Bigshot Numix - The Various Assortments 
09 - Rewind To Zero - Gary Hunter 
10 - H2O - Numanme





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