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To all Gary Numan fans the Numanme Forum is the forum for you a place for you to be completely Numanized. You can apply for free membership NOW!
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This group has been put together for fans of Gary Numan and visitors of the Numanme site, to discuses all things Numan sell/trade share stories and images from all aspects of Numan's career.

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In 1999 Gary decided to stop the long running Gary Numan fan club, instead in its place would be a new magazine venture going by the name Alien the Gary Numan magazine. The magazine ran until 2002. It was discontinued after Gary decided to spend more time running Numanís own official wedsite Nuworld. 

Alien was the official Gary Numan magazine, devoted to all things Numan. Numan fans and supporters where able to subscribe to Alien with a yearly subscription fee. This subscription gave them three 12 page black and white magazines and one 20 page magazine, including 8 full colour pages, per year. All Alien subscribers receive, on top of all the latest, and most informed, Numan News, first choice on concert tickets wherever possible, exclusive merchandise and interviews unavailable in any other publication. 

The magazine itself was similar in size to the old Fan Club newsletters but very different in content. Q journalist Steve Malins joined the team and contributed greatly to the new look, feel and direction. Interviews with major stars connected to Gary, in depth interviews with Gary himself about current and past projects. Detailed breakdowns of lyrics, images, stage shows, comments, in fact just about everything and anything to do with Gary Numan was covered.

Click on covers below to see full Alien the Gary Numan magazine.


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