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Metal Rhythm 


Metal Rhythm is Gary's 11th. studio Album 

The album was a classic and has quickly become a firm favourite among fans. Gary toured in support of the record, with 19 UK dates, complete with a new light show. As with all subsequent IRS material, the packaging was excellent. The album was released in the USA as "New Anger".

This Is Emotion
('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
This is
This is emotion calling
You don't know me
One game
A miracle of invention
You lose
These rules are mine 
Dirty pictures
You're in the movies
Move in, move out
I'm in slow motion
One love, one tear
One night of fear
One game, you lose
This is emotion 
Look left
There's nothing over there but vengence
Look right
There's nothing over there but greed
Look up
There's nothing up there but rumours
Look down
There's nothing down here but me 
One love
I don't want to talk about it
One love
One pain
I don't want to think about it
One pain
One more
Another night to remember
One more
Another name to forget
One more
Another young heart to play with
One more
Another young heart to break 
We've got to get out
We must get out of here
We've got to get out
We've got to get away 
I'm listening to stories of love and affection
That I don't believe
I'm listening to liars with
Pretty young faces and
Eyes that deceive

('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
Tell you a story 'bout a friend of mine
Woke up in this room, looked like...
Black and white movies
No light and someone strange in the bed
She said, 'You could be here forever' 
'Can you feel me
I'm the new disease
I'm like a hunger
That you've never known
Do you want me
I'll take everything
I'm like a hunger
Lying in your heart' 
He made excuses, tried to leave the room
She said, 'I'm the disease and the cure
Skin mechanics couldn't help you here
The nature of need
Leaves you junk sick and lonely' 
'Trick it up, trick it up good' 
She moved like a ghost to the door
She said, 'This is a re-al love story'
I heard his voice and walked in on it all
She said, 'I could be forever'

New Anger
(Single from 'Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
I've read the papers
Look at this
They say that I'm all over
I don't know
They're not the first to try
So try again 
What's the fashion?
Is it good?
I'll need some convincing
If you've got it
Then I've seen it before
So try again 
Welcome to new anger
Do you want it?
Do you want it?
Welcome to new anger 
I don't need it
I can stop
I can take this or leave it
You can have it
But if you want it from me
Then come and try 
I've been bad
I've been good
I've been one more hero
I've been up
And I've been lower than you
So come and try 
If you want it
Come and get it

('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
I remember one girl
Saw her again in a magazine
Front cover - big star
Showing things that I'd never seen
Well, maybe... 
Can you feel it, can you? 
I remember one girl
Who'd believe she'd be so devious?
Bad decision, bad move
She told the papers everything
well, maybe... 
Do you need it, do you?
Do you want it, do you?
Come and get it 
I remember one girl
She'd only make friends in expensive cars
Television, good wine
Leather seats and a friend of mine
well, maybe 
Something's coming, oh no

(1988, single from "Metal Rhythm" album) 
I'm in a car
And I'm over you
I'm a passenger
And I'm over you 
I'm looking for America
I'm looking for you 
I'm in a glasshouse
And I'm over you
I'm thin, far too thin
And I'm over you 
I'm in a corner
And I'm over you
I'm old, far too old
And I'm over you

('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
I don't like young girls
I don't like boys
I like some bitch to scare me
I like that noise
I don't like secrets
I don't like God
I don't like people when they say I'm things I'm not 
I don't need opinions and rumours
I don't need a voix in the dark
I don't need to listen to strangers
I don't need to tear out my heart 
One stranger
One heartbeat
One love is forever
One picture
One morning
One tear lasts forever 
I like this motion
I like this heat
I like this breathing
And I know I like this beat
I like your whispers
I like your screams
I like your lies
And I'm sure I'd like your dreams 
You don't need opinions and rumours
You don't need a voix in the dark
You don't need to listen to strangers
You don't need to tear out your heart 
I'll show you pictures
I'll make you cry
I'll show you things you've done
And then I'll ask you why
I don't need heroes
I don't need this name
I don't need favours
And I know I don't need fame 
We don't need opinions and rumours
We don't need a voix in the dark
We don't need to listen to strangers
We don't need to tear out our hearts 
One reason
One secret
One lie is forever
One nightmare
One rumour
Your shame is forever

('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
That's OK
If that's the way you want to play it
I don't mind
I can play it any way 
You won't stop
Until I pull you to pieces
Which I will in time
But I'm still curious 
You're so young
Not one backbone between you
But you think you'll make a hero
Quite peculiar 
You're just boys
You don't know what you've angered
Did you know you're talking to the heart
Of the machine 
Welcome boys
Welcome to the real world
I could almost feel sorry
But I could be wrong 
I know you
I know what you've been doing
I know where you live
And I know where you are 
You know me
I'm the smiling assassin
You know I won't forgive
And you know I won't forget

Young Heart
('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
I'm a hero in a book
I'm a picture on your wall
I'm on the TV
I'm arrogant, seen it all
I'm a distraction
Like a hideous new disese
I'm in the papers
But that's not really me 
Young heart give me something I can do 
I'm a decision
I'm a morning filled with shame
I'm a perversion
But I don't know it's name
In a car
On the floor
Up against the wall
With a friend
Or two
Someone to watch it all 
Young heart
Everyone does it here
Young heart
Does your mother know what you've seen
Young heart
Everyone does it here
Young heart
Does your mother know where you've been 
What are you gonna do
What are you gonna do now
I don't believe in it
I don't believe in it
What are you gonna say
What are you gonna say now
I don't believe in it
I don't believe in it
What are you gonna feel
What are you gonna feel now
I don't believe in it
I don't believe in it
Were are you gonna go
Where are you gonna go now
I don't believe in it
I don't believe in it 
Young heart
Like you
Young heart
Like you 
I'm not the question
I'm not the pain
I'm not surprised
And I'm certainly not ashamed
I want your number
I want your name
I won't remember
Young hearts all the same

Cold Metal Rhythm
('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
This isn't music
This is survival
Used up and burnt out
Like an old Ford car 
No more opinions
I'm back in harness
Cold metal rhthm takes me back to God 
Metal rhythm cold and sane
Know my reason, know my name 
Radio station
Thank you for nothing
I like this anger and I won't forget
This isn't love
It's more like a need
I'm a cold metal junkie
And I need the cure

Don't Call My Name
('Metal Rhythm' album, 1988) 
Don't look for me
Don't call my name
Don't wait for time
Don't wait for love 
Time now to leave
Time now to cry
Don't wait for love
No long goodbyes

Don't Believe
Love is
Wrong girl
Wrong time
Wrong move 
Love is
Too short
Too sharp 
Wrong man
Wrong place
Wrong heart 
I don't
Believe in love and
I don't
Believe in you and
I don't
Believe in anything 
I don't
Believe in love and
I don't
Believe in you and
I don't
Believe in anything 
Love is
Too cold
Too close 
Big house
Love is
You buy
We sell 
You don't
Know me
At all 
I don't
Believe in love and
I don't
Believe in you and
I don't
Believe in anything 
I don't
Believe in love and
I don't
Believe in you and
I don't
Believe in anything

I listen to rumours
Stone-cold and leaving
They burn my heart away
Left me old and grey 
Words seem to leave me
Just when I needed them
Just like I need you
Like I'm supposed to do 
They said
Love is deceiving, she won't stay forever
Love is deceiving, it's all that she knows
Love is deceiving, she'll leave you forever
Love is deceiving, she comes and she goes
I wonder
I wonder 
I listen to rumours
I listen to every word
Every one die, then
And now it's up to me