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This group has been put together for fans of Gary Numan and visitors of the Numanme site, to discuses all things Numan sell/trade share stories and images from all aspects of Numan's career.

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Numanme Radio Podcast will be playing you some of the best Classic Alternative, New Wave, Dark Wave, Synth-Pop, and Punk. Also, a staple diet of Gary Numan/Tubeway Army without question. Shows will be updated here when they become available.

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Dance 2012 30 Years Fan Tribute


Dance 2012 30 Years Fan Tribute

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Gary Numan


Disc 1

01. Brian Challis (enzine1) - Slowcar to China
02. Aaron Clague - Night Talk 
03. The DMB Experiment - subway with vocals 
04. El Greebo - Cry The Clock Said
05. Paul Hurst - Shes Got Claws 
06. ANA - Crash 
07. Timothy Eilers - Boys Like Me
08. Matt Jessup - Stories
09. Evil Alter Ego - My Brother's Time 
10. JazzyGB1 - You Are, You Are
11. Jon Heath - Moral (feat. Matt Jessup Vox Mix) 
12. Geared - Stormtrooper In Drag 
13. Scorbie - Face To Face 
14. Brian Challis - Dance
15. Inca Airport - Exhibition 
16. Numanme - I Sing Rain

Disc 2

01. Zer0sum80 - Dance + My Brothers Time
02. Synthsound1 - Dance 
03. The Manitou featuring Jimmy Aaron - My Brother's Time 
04. Nuways - Cry, the clock said (Cover by Nuways 2009)
05. Timothy Eilers - She's Got Claws vs. Cars
06. Young Things Don't Scream - Crash
07. Geared - Boys Like Me -geared
08. Ireplicant - Stories
09. Jon Heath feat. Brooke Mitchell - My Brother's Time
10. Jagged Halo uk - Cry The Clock Said
11. Geared - Moral (Romantic Mix)
12. Matt Jessup/Scorbie/David Ansara & The Apparently Dead/Bill Davies -Stormtrooper In Drag Mix 4 
13. Phil Marsh - Face To Face
14. jagged Halo uk - Dance mastered-jagged Halo uk
15. challis/numan - Moral
16. Numanme - I sing rain 
17. Paul Hurst - A subway called 'you' 

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June 1st 2012


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Numanme fan site

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nu-me 04

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United Kingdom 

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Digital Download Only With full artwork .

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Additional Information

Gary Numan has influenced fans and creators of electronic music for over three decades. Many of these individuals are now members of the Numanme Forum, a site where they continue to forge friendships and display their talents. The fruits of these influences now come to the fore, Numanme presents 'Dance 2012' a diverse and accomplished collection of covers of Numan's classics album 'Dance'. This collection from members of the Numan community is a warm tribute to the album and to the man himself.

Gary Numan was never one to shy away from change, with each new album came a new image and musical style. The 1981 'Dance' album was no exception, 'Dance' contained a collection of sombre tracks, a haunting masterpiece and arguably Numan's best work lyrically; each song has its own story line of broken relationships, the New Romantic movement and people meeting in cafes but still expressed with Numan's trademark.

This Digital Download is to celebrate the coming of age of the album which is 30 years old. .