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 80-81 Telekon and Living Ornaments 5 LP box set


80-81 Telekon and Living Ornaments 5 album box set

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Full Lyrics


Gary Numan


A1. This Wreckage
A2. The Air Crash Bureau
A3. Telekon
B1.  Remind Me To Smile
B2. Sleep By Windows
B3. We Are Glass
C1. I'm An Agent 
C2. I Dream Of Wires
C3.   Remember I Was Vapour
D1. Please Push No More 
D2. The Joy Circuit 
D3. I Die:You Die

Living Ornaments ‘81

A 1. Intro/This Wreckage 
A2. Remind Me To Smile 
A3. Metal 
A4. Me! I Disconnect From You 
B1. Complex 
B2. The Aircrash Bureau 
B3. Airlane 
B4. M.E. 
A1. Everyday I Die 
A2. Films 
A3. Remember I Was Vapour 
A4. Trois Gymnopedies (1st Movement) 
B1. Shes Got Claws 
B2. Cars 
B3. I Dream Of Wires 
B4. I`m An Agent 
B5. The Joy Circuit 
A1. I Die You Die 
A2. Cry The Clock Said 
A3. Tracks 
A4. Down In The Park 
B1. My Shadow In Vain 
B2. Please Push No More 
B3. Are `Friends` Electric ? 
B4. We Are Glass / Outro

How old:

This 5xLP is old!

Release Date:

November 21st 2011



Record Label:

180g Vinyl

Catalogue No:


Price Guide:



United Kingdom 

Additional info:

180g vinyl reissue Released on 21st November 2011

Highest Chart Position:



Gary Numan (Vocals, Minimoog, Polymoog, A.R.P. Pro-Soloist,JP4, Piano,
Prophet 5, CP30, Compurhythm, Synare,Guitar)
Paul Gardiner (Bass, Backing Vocal)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums, Backing Vocals, percussion)
John Webb (Handclaps)
James Freud (Handclaps)
Chris Payne (Viola, solo piano, Minimoog, Backing Vocals)
RRussell Bell (Claves, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar on 'The Joy Circuit')
Denis Haines (Prophet 5, Piano, CP30, Minimoog, Polymoog,Backing Vocal, Whistle)
Simple Minds ET AL (Handclaps)

Recorded at Rock City and Matrix
Engineered by Nick Smith, Steve Smith, Graeme Myhre,
Jess Sutcliff
Living Ornaments ‘81

Gary Numan (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)
Paul Gardiner (Bass)
Chris Payne (Keyboards, Viola)
Cedric Sharpley (Drums)
RRussell Bell (Guitars)
Dennis Haines (Keyboards)
Nash the Slash (Viola)

Recorded at Wembley Arena, London on April 28, 1981.

Produced by Gary Numan
Recorded on the Rak Mobile
Engineered by Tim Summerhayes, assisted by Phil Thornalley
Mixed at Rak Studios by Gary Numan & Tim Summerhayes
Assisted by Will Gosling
Digital mastering by John Dent at Loud Mastering 


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Sample This Album

Cover Artwork

White label promo copy LP £170

Additional Information

Released on 21st November 2011. 

This 5LP boxed set completes the Machine series started in 1978 and includes Telekon as a double album and Living Ornaments ‘81 as a 3LP set. The five discs are packed in a stark black box with the iconic 2 red parallel belts printed in a gloss red.

Living Ornaments ‘81 was recorded on the last night at Wembley Arena on April 28th, this was Numan’s finale, his farewell to live performance having made this decision during the making of the ‘Telekon’ album. The lavish stage sets had featured in the 1979 and 1980 tours which were previously released as 2LP boxed sets in the Living Ornaments Series. Living Ornaments 1981 is remastered and spread across 3 discs. Each album is pressed on 180g vinyl and comes in heavyweight single sleeves with new artwork and inners bags. The songs from the show cover a whole period from ‘Are Friends Electric’, ‘Down In The Park’, to ‘Cars’ and ‘I Die You Die’, ‘We Are Glass’ aswell as the future single ‘She’s Got Claws’ from his next album ‘Dance’. This concert is considered to be, by many fans and critics alike, one of Numans most charismatic live performances.

Telekon is again remastered from the original analogue tapes and is released for the very first time as a DOUBLE ALBUM. The original album was only released as a single disc in a value-for money move which excluded the two singles ‘We Are Glass’ and ‘I Die: You Die’, they are reunited for this edition. Pressed on 180g vinyl the 2LP set is packaged in TWO brand new single album sleeves only available in this boxed edition, plus newly designed inner bags.